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Ordering Instructions



How to place an order

  1. From the home page select the rod category (Example: Freshwater).
  2. Next, select the specific rod series (Example: Legend Elite).
  3. Finally, select the specific rod type (Example: Legend Elite Casting Rods).
  4. You will see a drop down menu on the right side. From the drop down menu select the rod model.
  5. Select ADD TO CART and then adjust the quantity as needed.
  6. If the rod is out of stock you will receive the message below:                
  7. You are still allowed to add the item to the order even if out of stock.
  8. Repeat the process for each rod until you are ready to checkout.
  9. Once you are ready to checkout go to your cart.
    1. Enter your account number for shipping if needed (usually only if doing a drop ship). 
    2. Enter your PO Number. 
    3. Select CHECKOUT.
  10. Next you must verify where you are shipping the order. From the drop down menu (Saved addresses) select the correct shipping address. If you only have 1 address that will always be the default address. When done select Continue to shipping.
Please note if you change the address in any way the site will assume you are doing a drop ship and the drop ship fees will apply. To add a new permanent address please contact your rep.
  1. To finish Select Complete order.
  2. You will receive an order confirmation in your email.

How to Exit the Program

Want to exit the Pre-Book Program and place a regular order? Click the X in the top left corner of the banner at the top of the page and press "Exit Pre-Book."